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    Unanswered: FreeBSD and GCC compiler problem with a function...

    Hi, im not very good in english, so ill try to make myself understood correctly. Im a beginner in the programming with C under freeBSD with the gcc my job, i have something to do, cause a part of code doesnt compile correctly under the environment that i have:
    FreeBSD 4.3
    gcc(1), g++(1) - GNU project C and C++ compiler (gcc-2.95.3)

    those are the versions that i have, when im checking in the STDLIB.H from

    the version in comments at the beginning of my STDLIB.H is written like that and i dont even know what is this version ? is it from GCC ? from FreeBSD 4.3 ? do i need to upgrade ?

    stdlib.h 8.5 ( BERKELEY ) 5/19/95
    $ FreeBSD: src/include/stdlib.h, v1.16.2.4 2002/08/07 15:49:32 imp Exp $
    this is the file in my /usr/include directory...

    im trying to find the function STRTOLD ( string to long double ) and im not able to find it in this lib...i just want to know what i can do to make it compile correctly, do i need a new version of gcc that will include the good stdlib.h that i can use to compile ? do i have to just change de lib itself by a good one ? what can i do for it ? i don't understand also what is the C99 standards, i understant that its supposed to be a standards of ISO of something like that.

    I have downloaded on my other pc with win2k the last version i think of gcc by the gnu site...which is GCC v 3.2.2, i have open the .tar file in winzip and checked the stdlib.h files that STILL DOESNT have the function STRTOLD ??? so thats why i don't understand something in that hehehe if somebody can HELP me with that, i will ENJOY it very much !

    it's my first post here, so maybe im in the wrong forum to ask the question, if its the case, juste reply me to let me know, thank you all !

    montréal programmer
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