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    Unanswered: Difference between database and tablespace

    Hi All,
    Kindy help in understanding following :
    1.What is difference between *DATABASE* , *TABLESPACE* and *ORACLE_SID* in oracle.

    2.I am having one oracle 9i instance running in my machine .I gave one SID to this instance .is it possible to have more then one SID for a instance.

    3.In order to create some tables first I am creating a USER after logging as sysdba .Then I am connecting as that USER and creating the tables.I want to understand that in this table creation process I have never defined any thing like databasename and when ever I am try to access those tables I need to connect as that user only.Then here what is the name of my *DATABASE* ?Is database name is same as USER name ??

    4.My requirement is like this:
    a)I want to login to oracle as sysdba
    b)Create a database(no tables at this time)
    c)Create some USERS for the *DATABASE*(created above) with different level of permission.
    d)Now connect to this DATABASE as one of the USERS who is having permission to create tables.
    e)Create all the table.

    can any one suggest how to achieve the steps mentioned in 4.I want to do all these with the help of sql scripts .I do not want to use Oracle GUI tool for database configuration.

    Thanks in advance to all .


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    visit where ALL of Oracle's documentation is available to anyone who will take the time to read it.
    1) I suggest you start by reading the CONCEPTS manual.
    When all else fails, RTFM!

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