i now it's a bad idea to have pics in the database
i found somewhere in this forum a solution to this but i'm working with a dutch version
and don't understand all of it
the table was no problem but i dont know what to do with the form
( how to create that one)
this is the text i found

Table: tblImage
Field Name: ImageID
Data Type: AutoNumber
Indexed: Yes (No Duplicates)

Field Name: txtImageName
Data Type: Text

Table Properties: tblImage
PrimaryKey: ImageID

Create the following new form based on the tblImage table

Form: frmImage
Caption: Image Form
RecordSource: tblImage

Image Control
Name: ImageFrame
Picture: "C:\Windows\Circles.bmp"

Text box
Name: txtImageID
ControlSource: ImageID

Text box
Name: txtImageName
ControlSource: txtImageName

The On the View menu, click Code, and then paste or type the following code:Function setImagePath()
Dim strImagePath As String
On Error Goto PictureNotAvailable
strImagePath = Me.txtImageName
Me.ImageFrame.Picture = strImagePath
Exit Function
strImagePath = "C:\Windows\NoPicture.BMP"
Me.ImageFrame.Picture = strImagePath
End Function

: The Set the OnCurrent event and the AfterUpdate event to =setImagePath().
: The Open the Imageform form in Form view. Notice that the form displays the corresponding bitmap for each record.
Displaying the Images on a Report

i would like to use this so my data base stay's a bit smaller
but i don't now how
can please somebody help