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    Angry Unanswered: Front End Corruption

    I have a database which about 10 people use pretty much all day.
    It's set up so it uses a front end and a back end, and i had both the front end and backend on the server until recently.

    Half the people are using it directly and the other half are using it via Citrix. Problem is the front end was/is being corrupted a couple of times per day. Through some code i discovered that it was always the citrix people that are corrupting it (although i can't narrow it down any further). So for the users not using Citrix i placed the front end on their local computers and it all works fine.

    But the citrix users are still corrupting their copy and as they're not using a full desktop version of Citrix i was told they can't have a local copy for each user (i know very little about Citrix myself).

    I just thought it was odd that it's the front end being corrupted as i always thought it was the tables that caused corruption? Does anyone know if there are certain actions that may increase the possiblity of corruption in a shared front end? Like changing the recordsource on a form or something like that? Or is it just Citrix that's causing the problem? I know it's not users shutting down incorrectly as i have a user log and everyone seems to log off correctly.

    I'm currently working on upgrading the backend to sql server, but i don't think this will help the corruption of the front end at all?

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    I am not at all fimilar with Citrix but i would say that it is what is causing your problem since it is required that you use a single front-end that is shared out. You have the database deployed properly by putting the front-end on the users' local PCs. I have had probalem in the past when trying to just share the front-end among the users via a shared network drive. Like i said i know nothign of Citrix but I would suggest finding a way to host the front-end locally for the Citrix users. Sorry for not being able to help more, good luck.

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