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    Arrow Unanswered: value initial,next

    Hello everybody,

    Iam confused with the parameter initial,next while creating a table.

    1) What is the value for initial and next for a table which does both
    insert and update. What is the yard-stick that i must follow.
    Also what is the pctfree , pctused must i use ?

    Please mail me at

    Mani PS

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    This isn't an ASP question...

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    INITIAL is the initial size of the table you are going to create...
    NEXT is the next extent size to allocate in the tablespace once the
    table needs to expand.... You have to determine the size based on the
    number of records in the table ... or how many you think there will be
    in the future ...

    Attached is a piece of code that you can run ... answer the questions
    it asks and it will give you some idea of the size of the table ...

    PCTFREE - what % of the datablocks of the table do you want to
    keep free for updates to rows already in the datablock.
    PCTUSED - Once a datablock becomes full (pctfree), Oracle will not
    consider an INSERT into that datablock until the free space in the
    datablock falls below PCTUSED ...

    These 2 parameters help with row chaining ....

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