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    Talking Unanswered: Problem Oracle with '\' and 'and'

    Hello for all, I'm a new user and my English isn't very good .. sorry!
    I have a problem with an INSERT in Oracle, the code tha I inserd is:

    INSERT INTO Schema VALUES(schema_seq.nextval,’C:\Documents and Settings\Laura\Desktop\Tesi\File_OGaggi’)

    the error is:

    Error: ORA-00911: invalid character

    [Executed: 13/11/03 10.31.25 GMT ] [Execution: 0/ms]

    I think that the problems are '\' and the word 'and'. Someone know what can I do? Thank you, by by,


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    Re: Problem Oracle with '\' and 'and'

    It seems to me that You have quoted Your string with the wrong character (´)

    You must use ' instead.

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