We are running DB2 v8.1.3 server on win2k platform.

We need to validate our understanding on this issue:
When we try to connect from db2 command window to the db2 server - we go through ODBC call i.e we get connected via SQLConnectW() API (Unicode support for db). On the other hand, suppose we try to connect to db2 server using local admin client then it uses native APIs i.e SQLConnect to connect to the database.
We observed this in our db2cli log file (both client and server side) and
Is this correct?

Secondly, the time taken for SQLConnect() is in milli seconds whereas it takes several seconds using SQLConnectW() ODBC call.

So our question is:

* Can we force db2 to use SQLConnect() call instead of a SQLConnectW() API call. The reason is quite obvious - we need to reduce the time taken for client connections to get connected to the database in milli seconds as opposed to several seconds.

Any help is greatly appreciated.