We have an interesting problem with the data encodings by two different drivers targetted to the same database.

We have a legacy VB system which uses Neon Shadow Driver to connect to DB2-Mainframe. When we save NON-ASCII characters from the VB system, the non ASCII character is getting stored properly.
I mean when we save '' ( unicode 181 ), it is stored as 181 only.
I'm able to see the same '' on retrieval in the VB syst.


WE implemented the legacy syst using J2EE tech.(thin client).

When I save the same '' character from thin client using DB2 connect Driver, it is not getting saved as 181. But it is saved as some number 160( I think).
But on retrieval DB2 connect is retrieving the same ''. No issue with this.

But the problem comes up , when we mix both of them. it is troubling as both are saving the same character in different ways.

i.e Saving non-ascii from VB and retrieving the same from thin-client.
Saving non-ascii from thin-client and retrieving from VB.

In both cases , we can't see ''.

Any insights or solutions in this regard would be appreciated.