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    Unanswered: Need help making a Drop List in a query...


    I'm running Access 2003, and am forming a query to use in a customer report in my database.

    My database has several companies that i need to make seperate reports for...but instead of making a seperate query for each and using Companyname* for the result...

    I'd like to have the query provide a list of companies listed in that field...and be able to select one of them to have the query run with that company.

    Any suggestions?

    I know this may be a simple task...but i've yet to find the solution



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    Try creating a form with a combo box that is loaded with the various company names, the values can be loaded using a query. Then the user can select the desired company in the combo box and then click on a button to run the query. The WHERE clause in the query should point to the value in the combo box on the form to limited records to that company.

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