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    Unanswered: Trouble with query. Inforix to Access

    I have a query that works on our Informix database. I link my Access database to it and when I try to run the query locally in Access, Access gives me an error "SYNTAX error in FROM clause", then it highlights my "outer" in my FROM clause. Can anyone offer any advice?

    SELECT allmid_EOSL_SUB.vendor, allmid_EOSL_SUB.model,
    allmid_EOSL_SUB.sys_name, allmid_EOSL_SUB.dns, allmid_EOSL_SUB.in_svc, allmid_EOSL_SUB.application, allmid_EOSL_SUB.d1_start,
    allmid_EOSL_SUB.cpu_model, allmid_EOSL_SUB.status, allmid_EOSL_SUB.network_tier, allmid_EOSL_SUB.priority_level,
    allmid_EOSL_SUB.op_sys, allmid_EOSL_SUB.release, allmid_EOSL_SUB.instruction_set, allmid_EOSL_SUB.vpmo, allmid_xcp_week_totals.numoccur,
    allmid_sysadm.last_name, td.last_name,
    allmid_applications.appl_name, allmid_applications.contact_name,
    allmid_EOSL_SUB.location,, allmid_locations.state, allmid_locations.loc_type

    FROM allmid_EOSL_SUB, allmid_eosl, allmid_sysadm, allmid_sysadm as td, outer allmid_locations, outer allmid_applications, outer allmid_xcp_week_totals

    WHERE allmid_EOSL_SUB.vendor = allmid_eosl.vendor
    and allmid_EOSL_SUB.model = allmid_eosl.model
    and allmid_EOSL_SUB.sys_name = allmid_applications.sys_name
    and allmid_EOSL_SUB.dns = allmid_applications.dns
    and allmid_EOSL_SUB.sa_suitsid = allmid_sysadm.suitsid
    and allmid_EOSL_SUB.location = allmid_locations.street
    and allmid_EOSL_SUB.dnsname = allmid_xcp_week_totals.dnsname
    and allmid_sysadm.sup_suitsid = td.suitsid
    and allmid_EOSL_SUB.ito_managed
    and allmid_EOSL_SUB.in_svc in ('Y','T')
    and allmid_EOSL_SUB.vendor
    and allmid_EOSL_SUB.sa_suitsid in
    (select suitsid from allmid_sysadm
    where sup_suitsid like 'td');

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    What are you try to do in regards to the outer. The only Joins I am aware of in Access is "Inner Join", "Left Join", and "Right Join".

    Try taking you outer out and see what happens.


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