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    Unanswered: Connectivity Mixed Versions

    Currently, a customer is replicating (homegrown) from a UDB v6 db to a UDB v6 db. Customer is moving to new platform with UDB ESE (aka v8.1) fixpak4 (aka 8.1.4). No connectivity from v6 client to v8 db. There is a planning/timing issue to get the v6 client (and target db) to become v8 server.
    Can one just install a v7 client on the server which which has the v6 db (the target of the replication) to 'pull' the data from the upgraded source v8 db and then replicate to the target v6 db or even if the v7 client is on a different server than the source and target db's? Basically the v7 client would be behaving like a gateway between the source v8 db and the target v6 db?

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    I don't know if this helps, but according to the documentation accessing the db2 v8.1 is only posible from db2 v7 fp 8 and above.

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