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    Unanswered: HELP! Couple questions for newbie

    Hi, I'm new to database and server. I have some questions.
    1. Is it hard to connect a computer to a server?
    2. Is it possible to connect from win xp (client) to win 2000 (server)?
    3. I've tried to connect my computer to server but failed. I cannot find my client computer name on my server.
    Can somebody tell me how to connect a client to a server step-by-step? Or maybe is there any online resources i can read about it?

    Thank you. I really appreciate it.

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    1. Providing you know your server details and your network is set up to allow you to connect then it sould be easy.

    2. Definately possible.

    3. First things.... make sure your computer can see the server, try pinging it and visa versa make sure the server can see your machine (ping again). Once network connectivity is assured then you can move on to connecting to your server. What are you connecting via? The Enterprise Manager or something else?

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