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    Unanswered: connecting to database

    Hi everybody

    I was trying to connect to datatbase on my computer, through java. I understand that I will need to download JDBC driver for that. But i am not sure which driver will I need, and where do i need to put it. Do I have to make some changes in CLASSPATH as well?

    I am using SQL 2000. My jdk profile is j2sdk1.4.2.01. Also what is subname in


    is it the name of database or what???

    In need of help !!!!!!

    thanks in advance

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    The jdbc drive should be in the classpath and added to your project (depends on your environment).

    I believe that the subname is the database (could be its ip), with subprotocol being the driver, for db2 its db2, not sure thought for sql 2000.

    Are you creating a standalone java application and appled or jsp ?

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