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    Unanswered: Get sql error message (SQLCI, AS/400)

    Hello, all!
    I'm writing a programm for DB2 on AS/400 (OS/400, SQLCI).
    Many of examples for other systems are using some C libraries, like "sql.h" or "sqlenv.h". Where can i find them on AS/400?
    For example, i want to display some errors, but, as i understand from samples, to display errors i need sqlaintp() function from "sql.h" library.
    Where can i get it? Or, may be, there is some other way to get sql error message on AS/400 using SQLCI?

    Thank you

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    In my case this file comes with the db2 installation.

    Located at: /usr/lpp/db2_07_01/include/sql.h


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