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    Red face Unanswered: Problem Extracting DTS to Excel


    I'm creating an Scheduled DTS to extract Sales data into Excel and Email the Excel sheet and I almost have it complete Apart of one small problem. (The bit I though would be easy).

    The DTS is Emailing, scheduling and executing ok.

    I have had to write a little bit of VBscript to cleardown the contents of the Excel fle before I begin loading the data each time, but when the data is loaded into Excel it does not start at the first Cell but maybe 700 lines down the worksheet

    I think it is my VBscript that is the problem but I'm not sure. Has anyone else had problems like this?


    For Each Excel_WorkSheet in Excel_WorkBook.WorkSheets
    If Excel_WorkSheet.Name = CStr(sSheetName) Then
    bFound = True
    Exit For
    End if

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    i haven't looked into excel object, but can't you issue something like Excel_WorkBook.Home before you do Excel_WorkBook.Save?

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    Have you tried deleting the range rather than clearing the contents ? Why do you need to do this ?

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