I have an applet that connects to a server and sends its queries to the server. This part is working fine. The server is an XML RPC web server.

Now I also want to initiate another server (XML RPC web server) from within the applet. Now the problem starts!!!

When this applet server is initiated a chain process takes place which creates a new client at the original server (XML RPC Web server) that the applet connected to. And thus the newly created applet server now communicates separately with the newly created client at the original server.

More like peer to peer with one end being an applet and an applet created server.

Right now the security issues do not allow me to create an applet server. Any ideas to make this work? How is peer to peer programming done with applets? I really need to basically intitate a new server from within the applet.

Any ideas or suggestions or code snippets will be really helpful. Thanks in advance.