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    Question Unanswered: How to run DTS from stored proc

    I am running a DTS package from stored proc as,

    Exec [master].[dbo].[xp_cmdshell] "dtsrun /S Server /U User /P Pass /N Package Name"

    But i am getting an error :

    The system can not find the path specified.

    But i am able to run the same from DTS Design Wizard.

    Please anyone of you help me out.

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    set @str varchar(8000)
    set @dtsname varchar(8000)
    set @dtsname=physical path and name of your dts package
    SET @str='DtsRun '+ '/F ' + @DTSNAME

    EXEC master..xp_Cmdshell @str

    I believe it will help you

    Subhasish Ray

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