Hi All
I'm using IDS 9.21 win NT as OS. I created one procedure like this:

CREATE PROCEDURE "informix".cl_griev_days(t_seq_no integer,t_code integer)

RETURNING integer,integer;

DEFINE t_ap_sequence_no integer;
DEFINE t_ap_days integer;

SELECT cl_griev_seq_no,today-cl_griev_date

INTO t_ap_sequence_no,t_ap_days

FROM cl_grievance_table

WHERE cl_department_code=set{t_code} and cl_griev_seq_no=t_seq_no;

RETURN t_ap_sequence_no,t_ap_days WITH RESUME;

It is working fine in another server (A) with same configuration. But it is not working on another server (B). When I executing the procedure giving error like

#9628: Type () not found
When I seen informix Error messages I found this

"The specified type_name could not be found. Before you can use an opaque type, you must create it with the CREATE OPAQUE TYPE statement."

Can any one plz help me to fix the problem.

Thanq so much.