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    Unanswered: object not set error

    I'm new to access
    I keep getting a object variable not set for the following query:

    Private Sub lstDRIVER_Click()
    Dim sDriver As String
    Dim query As String
    Dim queryset As Recordset
    Dim currentdb As Database

    sDriver = Me.lstDRIVER

    query = "Select team from teams where '"
    query = query + sDriver
    query = query + "' In(driver1,driver2);"

    Set queryset = currentdb.OpenRecordset(query, dbOpenDynaset)
    txtTeam = queryset!team

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    change the following declaration

    Dim currentdb As Database

    to something like

    Dim Db as Database

    CurrentDb is a reserved word in Access

    before setting the recordset you have to set the database


    Set Db = CurrentDb
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