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    Unanswered: hide a form

    How do you hide a form so that it is in the background. I need to launch a message from the backend to all front end users.

    Is it possible to load 2 forms and have one hidden?. I need to have a form hidden because the message wont be shown on users Pcs unless the form is open. I want user to have it hidden as soon as they loggon on.

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    create a macro called "autoexec"
    In this macro you should use the openform option. You can also arrange that it opens hidden here.
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    In my applications I always have a form (named SHADOW) opened.

    It has many porposes, for instance, control the quit sequence, "on time" events, etc

    In order to have one, do as follow:

    In the tools/begin/show form option, put the name of a form. For example, the presentation screen or the login form. (I use the form frmUserLogin that perfoms the login controls)

    In the form_load event of this form, write

    DoCmd.OpenForm "Shadow", , , , , acHidden ' Always opened
    DoCmd.Close acForm, "frmUserLogin" ' Close the login form

    Good luck
    My environment: Windows XP/ Access 2000 - Using Microsoft DAO 3.6 Library

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