I'm trying to fetch data via DTS from a COBOL source.
This source system comes with an own ODBC-interface.

This interface runs well within excel or access.
For example:
I imported external data into access,
select ODBC, select the given ODBC-entry and
see the "table". I imported and connected.

When using DTS
I'm using menu "conection" - "11 - other connections" and in the window there is also the possibility to select the ODBC entry.

Then I'm selecting the source (MS SQL) , no problem.

Then I'm using the DTS-task connecting ODBC source and
MS SQL destination.

Opening the connection I get the "table"-name.

When trying "preview" the error occurs:

HResult of 0X80040e09 (-2147217911) returned.
Unexpected error. Error occured without errormessage.
(Ein fehlerhaftes Ergebnis wurde ohne Fehlermeldung zurückgegeben)

I faced this kind of problem some weeks ago, using navision odbc:
There a similiar error occured.
(Within excel everthing was fine)

thanks a lot for any hints


My workaround at the moment.
Connect external table in access, make a view,
fetch this view from DTS.

MS SQL - MS Access - ODBC - BS2000-Cobol.
ääääähmm, not very elegant but it works.