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    Unanswered: Simple Copy amount?

    Thanks for help on recent postings..

    I have a subform with in a form that adds currency amounts and puts a grand total at the bottom of the form..

    I want to be able to pull that GRAND TOTAL and copy it to another form... How can I do this?? Can I store it into a table? I'd like to do that..

    Here is what I have:

    =nz(Sum([Line Total])) in the Control source on the form...

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    do you want to put the toal on the main form or some toher form? Putting it on the main form is simple. ex.

    To place it in another form, you cansave it in a global variable and then call that variable through a public delcared function and make it the control source for the control to receive that toal.

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    Thanks Khan..
    Well, I am relatively limited in Access knowledge, let alone, the VB behind it...

    Could you explain it some more, using an exaple, as to where I will need to put the information..??

    To answer your question, I would like to store the grand total , copied from the form that sums it up, over to a table.. The table will hold all the grand totals so I can use them in some other calculations...

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