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    Unanswered: MainFrame MVS DB2 V6 Reorg Question

    Im setting up a DB2 reorg job for an application that has sveral Tablespaces. My question is there anyway to use VTS to stack all the sysrecs and sortout datasets on unit=vts. Is there a parameter to stop the opening and closing of the DSN while the reorg go from one tablespace to the next tablespace?

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    I am not sure I understood what u wanted..

    why do u need to bother abt stacking up SYSRECs for a Reorg ? As far a Reorg is considered, SYSREC is temporary. It just facilitates unloading and reloading of the data.
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    Unhappy DB2 Information

    I think you are doing a REORG to tape, if this is the case you just need to ask the operators to stack your tapes that you create in there specific order,and then they will then automatically load as required.

    I do not know whta the operator command is but they should be able to assign your job to a particular tape device.

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