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Thread: PHP and MySQL

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    Unanswered: PHP and MySQL

    I've got a coupla questions, if you don't mind... I am going to have to set up a database intensive website made up of the following components, all of which will be online:

    LogIn and User Profiles
    Data Entry Tool
    Data Display Tool
    Existing Data Editing Capability

    Overall, the database Could be large enough that Access would not cover it all. So I am going MySQL (I think). It has to deploy relatively soon (2 Months, tops). I am relatively familiar with how to do this using ASP and an Access database, and more so using CFM and Access. I have never before used a MySQL database, and have never before used PERL or PHP.

    What do you think the odds are of my being able to get this thing set up and deployed using PHP and a MYSQL database? Are there archives of code that I could go in and grab what I need, and customize... Are there any good books that would get me up and running in a quick amount of time?

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    You shouldn't have any issues at all.

    You could try somewhere like for php questions (not sure if l'm allowed to mention other websites), or have a looks at for particular scripts.


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