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    Unanswered: Copying from one wks to another

    I start with a wks with 1 sheet then add a second sheet and name it look:

    Sheets("Sheet1").Name = "Look"

    then i open my lookup file :

    Workbooks.Open Filename:= _
    "c:\Expense Type Lookup.xls"

    what im trying to do next is Select all the cells in the lookup file
    and paste them to the newly added "Look" sheet in the 1st workbook.

    As the 1st work book name will change each time the macro is run, i cant use the name to do the copy and paste. What i have that doesnt work is :

    Workbooks("Expense Type Lookup.xls").Sheets("Expense Type Lookup").Cells.Copy _



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    You don't have to use a specific name to reference an Excel workbook; you can store the current workbook name in a variable and use the variable to reference the workbook. Example:

    Dim FirstWBName As String
    FirstWBName = ActiveWorkBook.Name

    From there on, refer to your first workbook as FirstWBName, such as:

    Good luck!

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