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    Unanswered: Child record found error--on an *insert*?!?

    While trying to populate a development instance with some production data, I got this error as follows:

    1 insert into subscription_component_master
    2 select * from subscription_component_master@smsprd
    3* where gl_period='2003011'
    SQL> /

    12536 rows created.

    SQL> commit;
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-02091: transaction rolled back
    ORA-02292: integrity constraint (SMS.SUBSCRIPTION_COM_MST_SRVC_FKEY) violated - child record found

    How is it even possible to get this sort of error on an insert? Is there any way to force the commit?

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    The error code means you are tring to delete a row from a parent table that is mapped to one or more rows in one or more child tables. Since your trans type is INSERT, I wonder if you have any triggers on that table. Or do you have any other SQL in the same transaction, such as a TRUNCATE before your INSERT?

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    The distributed transaction is assigned to the system rollback segment and is trying to get into the prepared state, but the required number of non-PREPARED slots are not available, so the transaction is rolled back. If the transaction aborted at a remote site, only ORA-02091 will be seen. If the transaction aborted at the host site, then both ORA-02091 andORA-02092 will be seen.

    Complete the current transaction and then do the operation required.

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