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    Unanswered: hyperlink formed from a string

    ok here is my problem i have a code im useing to create a folder on the server based on info from a field. now what i would like to do is make a hyperlink on that same form that point to that folder but cannot figure it out. the code for making a folder is as follows.

    Public Function foldermaker()

    Dim fso As FileSystemObject, fldr As Folder, strChartNo

    strChartNo = "c:\" & [Forms]![fpatient]![chartnumber]
    Set fso = New FileSystemObject
    fso.CreateFolder strChartNo

    End Function

    now i would like a hyperlink that is something like
    strhyperlink="c:\" & [forms]![fpatient]![chartnumber]
    strhyperlink="\\server\c\" & [forms]![fpatient]![chartnumber]

    is this possible. this would make it easy for the girls in the front to make a patient folder on the server based on there chartnumber then have a hyperlink that brings them directly to that folder on the server to view the reports.

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    Have you tried using:


    at the beginning of the url?

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