Please excuse my low level knowledge of the subject matter...

We have purchased a financial modelling package that runs on an application server and it connects to a sql server (std edition). The package stores model data in a sql database on the sql server, and once calculated, olap cubes are created. All program functionallity works fine on the application server ie. modelling which accesses the 2d data, and olap drilling, presentation usins olap cubes.

However, my laptop (not in the same domain), installed with the client components of software, is able to do the modelling functions using the sql database, but falls over when trying to access the olap cubes.

I believe that this may be a 'trusted' connection issue? But if this is so why is only the olap functionality effected?

IT tell me that all our laptops our kept out of the domain (and will continue to be kept out) for reasons that I am not privy to (and wouldnt understand anyway).

Can I connect to the sql server std edition olap cubes from my client laptop that sits outside the domain?

Any reponses would be appreciated, thanks...