We have a program that imports data from varous accounting packages for upload to eBusiness websites. Pastel accounting has recently changed from Pervasive 2000i to v8 and now I have some clients that are unable to access their data though our application.

A specific example is as follows:

the client has the data files and ddf's on a server and they access the data from Pastel Accounting from multiple client machines which have Pervasive installed on them. Pervasive is not installed on the server - only the data files are on the server.

Our app (VB6) uses the Pervasive OLEDB provider to access the data.

This was all working fine with 2000i but since changing to v8, the following error is being raised: 'Unable to connect to the relational engine (is Database Name and Server available?)'

Our connection string is as follows:

"Provider=PervasiveOLEDB;Data Source=" & strDataPath & ";"

I tried adding the Location to the connection string (setting it to the file server machine name) but this seems to have no effect.

Any help would be much appreciated