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    Unanswered: dblink blocking select

    Hi friends,

    I have the following problem with an Oracle 7.3.4 instance.

    I use a program (PRO*C) to select data from remote tables,
    but if some problem occours on the remote db,no return code (SQLCA)
    is returned and the select is blocked (so the process is blocked).

    What is the problem according you?

    Thanks in advance

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    What did the trace files tell you? Look in the dump directories on the remote server. If you're not sure of their location, launch sql*plus and so SHOW PARAMETERS DUMP_DEST as this will show all directories used to store that database's trace files.

    Even though you're interfacing with database 1 via the OCI layer, your query is hitting database 2 via the OPI layer. There is a separate process handling your request; it is not being processed by your server process. I would therefore not limit your search to log and trace files stored locally.


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