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    Question Unanswered: A new PC for running Access

    I'm looking for some advice on getting a new PC to run Access stuff on.
    I have been building some large models using Access 2000.

    The one I'm currently playing with has three database files linked together: a front end, a data file, and a scratchpad to put all the temp stuff in (so that my other files don't get too big: Access files have a 2GB limit). To run that model, my laptop takes just under 24 hours, and we've decided we should throw some money at the problem and get a decent number-cruncher.

    So, what I want to know is, what should I get, or what are the things I should look for?
    - Presumably a fast processor would be advantageous. What about AMD Athlon vs Intel P4/Xeon
    - Should I get silly amounts of Ram? Are there any important differences?
    - Is the type of motherboard going to be significant?
    - What sort of hard-drive should I get?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Sorry, I didn't have much time to research this further but this may help!

    They have alot of specs for different processors, as far as motherboards go, I would sugest Gigabyte as a manufacturer, but as long as the specs match up that isn't important. RAM 1 gig is a very safe bet as 512 can be slow on a XP/2000 machine, if you got a little more money Dual Channel DDR is pretty cool. Hard drive depends on the $$ you want to spend, you can spend more and get SCSI which is way faster, or buy 2 or 3 small ATA drives and implement RAID which will help with seek time though I am not sure that is necessary in your case.

    Check for prices as they are pretty cheap and have almost everything u could want.

    I Hope that helps and sorry I couldn't help more, but I am very busy today!

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    Thanks, that's a promising start.
    What I'm really looking for though is the sort of configuration I should have for running _databases_ fast.

    Someone has suggested to me that for databases it is important to have a fast hard-drive (b/c, due to the multi-user nature of DBs, results need to be written back on the drive continually, so can't just store everything in ram). This sounds reasonable to me, but I'm not completely sure.

    SCSI is faster than Raid? No problem, we'll do SCSI.

    Can anyone offer any insight into what sort of processor would be the smartest choice - apparently going for dual-processor doesn't offer any advantage when running Access 2000(?)

    To give people some idea, although obviously less is better, I'd give myself a budget cap of maybe 2000 (about US$3000).

    I'm not necessarily looking for brands of machine, but what type of memory, what type of processor, what type of hard drive (although it sounds like we've got that one sorted out).


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