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    Unanswered: MySQL - MaxDB - MySQL's new enhanced version of SAP DB

    Don't know if people noticed this, but on the 17th Novemeber, MySQL AB announced the release of MaxDB by MySQL. A slightly reworked, rebranded, and enhanced version of SAP DB.

    MaxDB supports views, triggers, stored procedures, cursers, and more. This makes MySQL even more of a threat to some of the 'big boys' of the DB world.


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    But becarfull with Max DB
    MaX DB is more a new version of SAP DB than a new mysql version (
    You can not (for the moment) use it like MySql 4 or MySql 3
    Olivier Miossec

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    Definitely moving in the right direction. Sweeeet!!

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    MySQL ==> MaxDB ==> World?

    Hi all,

    You should know that MaxDB, which was originally the core DBMS of SAP, is released by MySQL.

    Might I ask you that
    1. Is MaxDB the best in features and performance amongst all open source DBMS?
    2. Can MaxDB challenge the private DBMS, such as Oracle and MS SQL Server?
    3. Is it a good time to move to MaxDB in my current projects and my future projects, where a little transaction and high volume of data retrieval are performed?

    Please advise.


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    Re: MySQL ==> MaxDB ==> World?

    Hi Stan,

    I have been using MAXDB for 4 months in a large database with 60 large tables now and experienced much better performance than postgresql.
    features are nearly as good as in DB2 or oracle

    Installation sometimes is a litte tricky especially if you change the default parameters. but once it runs, it runs fine

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