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    Unanswered: Duplicate Entry Notification

    Hey all

    I have a filemaker file that I use as my inquiry file.

    Let's say I already have a John Smith in there who lives at 21 Beach Street.

    In the thousands of entries I have in there, I'm obviously not going to remember if I create a duplicate entry - we keep all our inquires for 10 years I think. Anyways, as it is now, I go in and create a new entry, and nothing stops me from creating a 2nd, rd, fourth or even 5th identical entry! I don't want to spend time double checking each time I put in an inquiry either.... so here's what I'm wondering....

    Is it possible to make it so that when I click new entry and type in the first and last name, that IF it is a duplicate, that something pops up to let me know and asks if I would like to replace, update, create new etc..

    What do you think??

    Thanks so much for your collective genius

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    Self Join Relationship

    I have found this to be the most reliable.

    Build a relationship based on a calc field of first and last name to itself.

    Create field cRecID= Status(CurrentRecordID)

    Then create a "Flag Field" If (cRecID=SELF_RELATIONSHIP::cRecID, "", "Duplicate")

    To avoid it showing duplicate if it is empty, you can throw If(IsEmpty(name), "", then the rest

    Hope that helps.

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