Hi Everyone,

I think only an Oracle expert would know this, but I could be wrong. My question is two-part: does Oracle's Native Dynamic SQL (NDS, implemented in Oracle 8i and higher) work with Oracle's database connectivity tool Oracle Objects for OLE (OO4O)? If so, how should the package/procedure and procedure variables be referenced in ASP?

I think the problem I'm having has to deal with the REF CURSOR datatype and unforeseen conflicts with OO4O. The cryptic OO4O error messages haven't told me a whole lot, but through trial-and-error, I have found that this line neccessary for tying the cursor to the dynamic SQL string "OPEN my_cursor_variable FOR my_SQL_string;" is totally incompatible with OO4O.

The whole thing is very frustrating, any information would be helpful.

Thank you.