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    Lightbulb Unanswered: excel help URGENT

    This is for work, so please help.

    I need to create graphs out various tables of data, i can do that ok but the thing is each graph is a precentage of job satification eg good bad poor etc.

    There are three sections Quality, CO-OP, Punctuality

    each will need is own excel sheet, which is easy enough, but, the thing is i need to type in Job numbers, there may be loads, the thing is i dont wanna have to type in all the job numbers for each sheet!, is there a way that i can enter the job numbers on one sheet and it will also enter them automatically into the other sheets? Thiswould save cvaluable amounts of time and save someone having the boring task of manually typing them in each time, is there a macro or something i could use???

    Please help, ASAP!!!!!!

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    Excel solution to automatically display job numbers in other worksheets:

    On the worksheet (#2) where you want to automatically display numbers, activate the first cell where the information will be displayed; press the = (equal) sign; activate the worksheet (#1) that has the typed information; activate the cell with the typed information, press <Enter> or click on the Check Mark on the toolbar above, and you have your first formula on the worksheet (#2) to be automatically filled.

    On worksheet #2, copy this formula down as needed.
    For your application, copy the formula from sheet #2 to sheet #3.

    This assumes your job numbers will be entered and appear in only one column on each worksheet. Cells on sheets that will have the formulas should be formatted GENERAL first, if they are not already formatted that way.


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    thanks mate that worked great!!!!!!

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