I have the followin routint to refresh link

Private Function Relinktables(strFileName As String)

Dim dbbackend As dao.Database
Dim tdlocal As dao.TableDef
Dim X, Y

On Error GoTo Err_Relink

Set dbbackend = DBEngine(0).OpenDatabase(strFileName)

' If the local linked table name is found in the back-end database
' we're looking at, Recreate & Refresh its connect string, and then
' remove its name from the Unprocessed collection.
For Each X In UnProcessed
If Len(General.DB.TableDefs(X).Connect) > 0 Then
For Each Y In dbbackend.TableDefs
If Y.Name = X Then
Set tdlocal = General.DB.TableDefs(X)
tdlocal.Connect = "DATABASE=" & General.DatabaseFullPath
UnProcessed.Remove (X)
End If
End If

On Error Resume Next
Set dbbackend = Nothing
Set tdlocal = Nothing
Exit Function

MsgBox Err.Number & ": " & Err.Description
Resume Exit_Relink

End Function

I get a Could Not Find Installabe ISAM - ERR 3170 on the tdlocal.refreshlink line.

Any ideas?