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    Unanswered: package to package communication


    I'm having a problem trying to call a package from another package in PL/SQL.

    The package I'm in is TIS_OWNER.portlet_itemised_calls, and the package I'm trying to call is TIS_OWNER.portlet_list_calls. So far I am able to call one of the procedures in TIS_OWNER.portlet_list_calls (openWindow) but I want to call the main Show method which is the default procedure which outputs to the screen, which I don't think I can do as it takes p_portlet_record wwpro_api_provider.portlet_runtime_record as a parameter.

    The code is to be opened in a new window, so it looks like this at the moment (this works!):

    <A HREF="JavaScript:openWindow('''||give_path()||'TIS_OWNER.PORTLET_LIST_CALLS.openWindow?line='||summRec.LN||''');">'||summRec.LN||'</A>
    summRec.LN is the dynamically created link that opens the window, and is also sent to the new window. "OpenWindow" is what I want to swap for "show", but I am guessing that I will need to call it differently due to the nature of te procedure.

    I'm not sure how confusing this may sound, but if you can help at all I'd be very relieved!

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    Oracle DOSENOT ALLOW calling another package from one.
    If at all you want to use those routines, u have to either replicate it in your current package or else make it a NORMAL STORED PROCEDURE.


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