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    Question Unanswered: problem with server name recognition

    In my company, there is a local network with a ASA 6.03 server and clients which can access it without any problems. Week ago, we connected with another LAN using router. I tried to connect the clients on the new LAN with our ASA server, but without any success. I tried dbping, but it is unable to recognize the server (name)
    dbping -c "eng=asa_name;links=tcpip(host=ip_add;port=263 8)"
    I tried to ping it using DSEDIT, I managed it, but the problem is how to connect to ASA server (database), using DSEDIT and ASA 6.03 server. Please send me your suggestions.

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    DSEDIT is not used to connect to an ASA database.

    It is smply used to ping any Open Server(ASA, ASE, Backup Server etc...).

    To connect to ASA, you can either use dbisql or isql utility.

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    [SIZE=1]Originally posted by willy_and_the_ci
    DSEDIT is not used to connect to an ASA database.
    Not really true : you can configure the ASA OPenServer to be used by ct-isql. So the ping using dsedit is valid to check when the server is listening in a specific port of the given host.
    But definitely prefer the pure ASA tools to check ASA...

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