I asked this once.. but didnt get the answer I was looking for.. soo here goes again...

I currently have a form which pulls records in between dates.. when these records are found it displays them in a report.. on the report instead of displaying the records.. I created a module which does a count of the first two letter of my "INSP" field..

IN, IN3, IN34, IN4
DR, DR3, DR9, DR23, DR12

would return:

Inspection (IN) = 4
Design Review (DR) = 5
total = 9

I have another column in my report which takes whatever (IN) is and divides it by the total.. same goes for DR

updated report:

Inspection (IN) = 4 44%
Design Review (DR) = 5 55%
total = 9

What I want to know now is.... how can I put the data in my report on a Graph?

On the graph it should look something like...

A pie chart with a wedge labeled: Inspection 44%
and the other wedge: Design Review 55%

how can i do this ? If you could explain in detail that would be great since this is my first time working with graphs in access...