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    Unanswered: Access Query: Need to return a month name instead of number in the query results

    Here's part of my code for my Access query:

    SELECT [Enter Month 1 - 12] AS ["Month"], Sum(IIf([ProductName] Like 'FHA30*',1,0)) AS ["FHA 30"]
    FROM Calculations2
    WHERE (((Month([LockDate]))=[enter month 1 - 12]));

    It works fine, but I'm wanting it to return the name of the month in the first column instead of the number that the user inputs. I have another table that simply has a column with the month number and a column with the month name so I thought I might be able to have a second select statment with somewhere with in the SELECT [Enter Month 1 - 12] AS ["Month"], part, but I don't know how to do that. I'm real slow when it comes to coding so any help is appreciated.

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    I did something similar but it was to return the day name, this might be of some help:



    v_date VARCHAR2 (15);


    SELECT TO_CHAR(sysdate, 'day')
    INTO v_date
    FROM dual;

    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('The Day Today Is: '|| v_date);


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    If I understand your code, that will return the system date. In my query, the user inputs what month they want the query to run on by inputting the month number, like 1 for January. Right now, my first SELECT statement returns whatever number they input in the first column just so when it returns the query you can use that if you put the qurey results in excel or something. I just want it to convert that number into the name January. I hope I'm explaining it correctly.

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