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    Unanswered: Extracting DB2 data from MVS to Oracle on unix


    We have DB2 Database (ver:7.1) on Mainframe and Oracle on Unix box.We are trying to extract data from DB2 and populate Oracle tables. Also we need to update the changes from Db2 to Oracle at regular intervals of time.

    We have Db2 connect installed.

    What are different ways to achieve this tast and which is best.
    Any help in this regard would be appreciated.


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    One method is the Oracle Transparent Gateway for DB2 (TG4DB2). I think Oracle sells it for $10K per server, but checkout to be sure.

    After installing the Oracle Client software on MVS, you can then use TG4DB2 to access the DB2 database as if it were another ORacle database. For example, in your Oracle database you create an Oracle dblink pointing to the DB2 database, but the link will think it's an Oracle-to-Oracle connection. You can even run Oracle Replication to push data to DB2, or use views or MViews to pull data. If you want to pull data on a frequency, then in your ORacle database you can use a dbms_job that periodically executes an Oracle stored procedure, which in turn queries data from the remote database into your Oracle database. MViews do the same thing, but in a more complex way (and you know that's a good thing as well as a bad thing, if you've ever used MViews before.)

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    Thanks for the info.

    When I went thru Oracle gateway docs I came to know that it is very slow when we access data thru Oracle gateway.

    Is using DB2 Connect and JDBC code to do the same task is better than using the oracle gateway?

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