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    I need someone to design me a database paid of coarse


    I need at least one data base required for my business.

    We are based in stoke on Trent and preferable someone in stoke to design the database for us so we can show you exactly what we require.

    For more information please contact gareth
    07946 490821 anytime

    We needed the database yesterday

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    Post the requirements. Where are you located ?

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    Booking in System.

    Stock Comes in

    Supplier is chosen from list.
    Invoice number is imputed from supplier invoice
    Date on the invoice is imputed
    Every item on that invoice is scanned and imputed into the required field with the barcode scanner.

    Database Must have/Display

    Supplier Name, Address, Tel, Fax, And our account Number
    Item Description, Item Model, Quantity of items.
    Once the Correct has being chosen the barcodes can be scanned.
    Next item is then chosen and the database then continues.
    Name of person that booked the stock in and date booked in
    Search function for Barcode and Invoice number.


    When the supplier is chosen the address, Tel, fax, and our account Number will automatically show in the correct fields.
    When the description is chosen from a list the item model menu will automatically only show the relevant items to that model such as,

    Hard Drive =
    Maxtor 80gb
    Maxtor 120gb

    Motherboard =
    Asus P4S8X
    Asrock K7S8X

    When you name of the person who booked the stock in is chosen the booking in date will automatically enter.

    The stock Complete Field will automatically show complete when the number of barcodes matches the qty field. If they don’t match the field will show as incomplete and an warning message will show asking you if you want to the next invoice number.

    Rules of the Database

    You can only search for a Barcode in the barcode search field. When the barcode is found it will display all the information on that invoice and the barcode that has being searched for will be highlighted.
    You can only search for a invoice number in the invoice number search field.
    If the stock complete doesn’t show complete you will be asked if you wish to proceed to the next invoice if you choose yes the field will stay incomplete but let you proceed.
    If a barcode is duplicated in the system as if you want to proceed only if you click yes can you enter duplicate barcodes, if you chose no the barcode will not be duplicated.

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    i list my programming projects on its a good idea to do the same you will recieve alot of bids from qualified professional programmers. Take care.

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