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    Unanswered: Unable to Bind Field or Datamember


    I am using Visual Basic and ACCESS 2002. Everything works fine except that when I use a MaskEdBox to display a date I get the error message:

    Unable to bind Field or Datamember:

    If I use a TextBox instead of a MaskEdBox I get no error message.

    I really want to use a MaskEdBox because I need the user to see the separations of the date e.g. dd/mm/yyyy and I don't want the user to enter the / . That's why a MaskEdBox suits me well.

    I already have 2 MaskEdBoxes working fine in the same way in the same for. But the last one would not work.

    Error is caused at these lines.

    Set FormEmployee.TextDerniereDate.DataSource = Rs
    FormEmployee.TextDerniereDate.DataField = "DerniereDate"

    Any Idea?



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    Seem there's a problem with the MASK in the MaskEdBox,

    The mask is as follows:


    and when I remove the Mask it works fine.

    I don't know if the problem might be related to the database but I store the date as TEXT and it works for the 2 other maskedbox I have


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