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    Unanswered: postgresql for online text chat?

    hey guys,

    im making a postgresql database server and one of my features will have online chat.

    is using postgresql a good way of doing online text chat?

    if so, whats the best way to do this.

    if not, how come?


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    what do you mean
    a chat is based on an application
    you can only store data in the database

    but with 7.4 there is a full text index search
    tsearch2 in the contrib dir of the sources

    maybe you need this
    --Postgresql is the only kind of thing--

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    hi thanks for the reply!

    well, i guess it doesn't make sense to use Postgre for online chat except for when i want to make a saved chat log, where users can read the previous typed conversations.

    since i maynot have this feature, i don't think i should use postgresql for this.

    i guess if i did have that feature it might be better to just save a text file of the whole conversation.

    ok, thanks.

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