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    Question New and in need of some help

    Youíll forgive my ignorance in matters pertaining to databases but Iím in need some help and was advised to ask here. I am currently in my final year of studying A level computing in the UK and have ran into a problem in my course work, a fellow student recommended that I ask here.

    I donít know if there is an obvious answer to my question but this idea stumped my tutor and fellow class mates, I also donít know how much information any helper will need to know so Iíll tell you as much as I can.

    I am building a database for a cinema and have stored details on how much it coasts to hire the a film, how much it coasts to buy a ticket to a showing of a film and now many people have booked tickets to these showing. From this information I can deduce the amount taken per film showing, the amount taken per film and the profit that the film made. What I want to do is produce a chart in a report that shows for each film name (across the X-axis) the amount that the film made in revenue and in a separate column the amount that it coast to hire. This meaning for every name on the X-axis there will be two bars.

    I am using Microsoft Access 98 and have tried using the chart wizard to no success so far. Maybe Iím missing key option but I would be very grateful if someone could show me how to create this chart I need. Thank you very much for reading my message and if you have any ideas then please e-mail me at my address.

    Alastair J.R. Ball

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    Re: New and in need of some help

    I don't know if I have understood right ...

    In Excel Charting, there in the Chart type of 'Column' you will have a sub-type which reads 'Clustered column. Compares values across categories) ... I think that is what you need

    I assume this chartype should be available in M$ Access also

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