Dear all,

We get an XML file that we need to import into the database. The XML file itself is about 100 MB in size (pretty huge, yes - it contains over 50000 records).

My predecessor has written a VB program that reads the xml node by node and inserts the corresponding records into the database. Total processing time: 4+ hours.

I would like to know if anyone has any performance results on using sqlXml with XSD to import XML data into tables.

I was given 4 hours to study the performance of sqlXml vs the current method. I'm assured sqlXml will be faster, however, I have no time left to do actual testing since writing the xsd would take me about a day (not including browsing through the extensive sqlsxml help file).

All I would like to know is how many records you can process with sqlXml per minute/second and what your hardware is (approx.).

Thanks in advance,