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    Unhappy Unanswered: Oracle-style exception handling in SQL2000


    I'm working on a project that migrates an Oracle based DB application into SQL2000 server.

    The original version of the application uses the Oracle exception-handling mechanism. In SQL2000 I wasn't able to find exception handling. Of course, there is an error handling mechanism, but it is far less sophisticated.

    The raised error doesn't exit the procedure, neither propagate the "error state" through the whole call-stack, which means that I have to simulate the exception handling by putting error check after virtually all the DB access statements, which is a painstaking job.

    Is there any better solutions?

    Thanks for your help!


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    If @Error_Out <> 0
    			Select @Error_Loc = 1
    			Select @Error_Type = 50001
      			GOTO Load_Ledger_Init_sp_Error
    	If @Month1 = '99' Or @Month2 = '99' Or @Month3 = '99'
    			SELECT @Error_Loc = 2
    			SELECT @Error_Message = 'Month Not set for File name.  Check System Variables.  Values are: '
    						+ ' Proof_Year=~' + @Proof_Year + '~'
    						+ ' Proof_Quarter=~' + @Proof_Quarter + '~'
    			SELECT @Error_Type = 50002
      			GOTO Load_Ledger_Init_sp_Error
    One check for system error, one for business logic error

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    Cool Vaman it is!

    We are a small company and we specialise in Database Migration. We have our toolbox that we have developed after long years of research and experience. However, even then, there were these hard nuts that we could never crack.

    Of late, we have found a powerful utility in a product called Vaman DataServer. This product is essentially a DBMS, but what sets them apart, is their utility to migrate data from any source to any destination. I was a little sceptical to begin with, but eventually I figured that this tool is a nifty little thing that every migration company can use.

    Right now it is free, but we are in talks with them for a commercial version, which they say migrates DDLs as well.

    You could check out this link

    You need to login for the download.

    Hope this helps.

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