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    Unanswered: Drop table colounm in db2 with java Statement

    Ive got a table with loads of data that has to be converted, for this to work I have to add a temorary coloumn to the table do some stuff and then drop the coloumn again. This all has to happen inside Java code.

    When adding the coloumn and doing what I have to everything works fine, bus as soon as I want to drop it again I get an SQLException wit the message "A cancel reply to an inquiry message was received."

    How do I bypass this or how else do I get rid of the coloumn

    Please help

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    Re: Drop table colounm in db2 with java Statement


    I hope I haven't misunderstood what you want to do.
    As far as I know, while working with DB2, you can add a column to a table but you cannot drop any column of a table! So, you cannot do the work in this way if the Java code you use adds the column to the table physically. This may be possible only if Java handles the temporary column in such a way that coders manipulate the table as if it have a new column but in fact no new column appended to the table.

    Maybe, you can use temporary table instead of adding temporary column but this may reduce the performance if data is large.

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