Hello all:

I apologize if this kind of question has been asked before. I see a similar post about DTS with COBOL ODBC, but nothing quite like this situation.

My situation is that I have an ERP with an embedded DB called
Velocis. I am attempting to drag data from the Velocis DB into SQL
Server 2000 for data warehousing, reporting, and so on. I imagine I
will want to do this on a schedule via DTS.

The ERP has an OBDC driver. I have installed the driver on my server, and it works fine through Access. I can link, import, whatever.

When I try to do an import with the DTS wizard, I am allowed to pick
the Velocis ODBC link as the data source. I then put in the
login/password and hit "Next". However, the process bombs with a
message saying "A serious error occurred when connecting to the

Does anyone have any ideas about the reason I might be getting this
error? I have tried several times, and I know I'm entering the right
login credentials. I was hoping that if Access could use the
ODBC driver, SQL would be able to also, but it doesn't seem to be
working quite so nicely. I would appreciate any help.

Kurt Aubuchon

SQL Server 2K
Win2K server
Access 2K