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    Talking Unanswered: SQLServer dbExtender?

    Does SQL Server expose itself as XML? Like db2 Extender for instance.

    WE have some XMl coming in and I have the task of mapping and writing into the db. I think this should be the task of doing an XSLT. Does anyone have a tool recommendation such as Map Force versus XMLSpy or BizTalk?

    Also, is there a standard or discussion of the update strategies. That is, sometimes the updates will over-write, sometime add related records, and sometimes replace. Waht happens depends on the types of data coming in such as "hair color" for a person. Maybe it should over-write or maybe one should be logged as as "disguise" etc.

    Wouldn't handling this be quite hard with XSLT?

    Thanks for any feedback,

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    Re: SQLServer dbExtender?

    Have you looked at OPENXML in the BOL? It may be what you are looking for. The chief limitation that I have found is that OPENXML won't accepts documents that are larger than 4000 characters (I THINK that's the limit).

    I don't use OPENXML myself. Instead, when we receive XML documents, I have some VBScripts that reaed the XML into the MSXML DOM. I then manipulate and update as necessary. Not very elegant, but it does work.



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